Connecting Business

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Xcess Telecom can connect your business to the internet more reliably and with faster speeds. Our prices are low too – browse the table below to see our current prices for Unlimited Business Broadband, Fibre Business Broadband, Ultimate Fibre Business Broadband, and Leased Lines. We also offer static IP addresses.

If you want to speak to a member of our specialist broadband team, please call us on 0330 124 0701.

ProductRequires a telephone lineTermConnection£
Unlimited Business Broadband (up to 24 Mbps where avaialble)Yes12 MonthsFREE£14.99*
Fibre Business Broadband ** FTTC 40/10 Yes12 MonthsFREE£29.99*
Fibre Business Broadband **FTTC 80/20Yes12 MonthsFREE£34.99*
Ultimate Fibre Business Broadband*** EoFTTC 80/20No12 Months£350.00£99.99
Ultimate Fibre Business Broadband*** EoFTTC 80/20No36 MonthsFREE£99.99
Leased LinesNo12 MonthsPlease Call UsPlease Call Us
No36 MonthsPlease Call UsPlease Call Us
No60 Months Please Call UsPlease Call Us
Static IPMonthlyMonthlyFREE£1.99



*Service and Speed subject to having Analogue Line Rental with Xcess Telecom

** Subject to availability in your area

***Subject to connection fees on 1 year and 3 year deals