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Screenshot (101)Ensuring Your Telecoms and IT are Fit-For-Purpose

Are you unsure if your telecoms or IT are running as efficiently as they could be? Maybe you already know there are problems but are not sure of the best way to resolve them. Xcess Telecom offers professional consulting services that will ensure your telecoms and IT are efficient today and in the future.


Our expert team has extensive experience working with small and medium-sized business in the UK in a range of industries. We will analyse your existing communication and IT infrastructure as well as its configuration and the processes you have in place.

We then identify areas where improvements can be made. This includes areas where better alternatives are available, areas that are underutilised, and areas that need additional resources. We also help you act on those recommendations.


As well as making general or specific improvements to your telecoms and IT, we can also help you migrate, expand, or integrate various systems. In addition, we can help you move systems and processes to the cloud.


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Our consulting services include:


  • In-depth review of project objectives and needs
  • Matching specific needs with existing and future technologies that best address the business objectives
  • Defining architecture and identifying required system services
  • Identification of best practices for telecommunication equipments configuration to meet application objectives
  • Detailed call type flow analysis and resource planning and in depth review of call models and traffic analysis for network optimization and reliability


If you would like more information about Xcess Telecoms Business Services, then please call today on:

0330 124 0701


(Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and will count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. These rules apply to calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone.)