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We offer affordable, business-friendly alternatives to email and domain hosting. This includes two feature-rich email packages. Find out more about these packages and about our domain hosting solutions by  calling us directly on 0330 124 0701 to speak to a member of our UK-based team.

Email Packages


Xcess Basic Email£Xcess Pro Email£
Email TypeExchange/POP/IMAPEmail TypeExchange/POP/IMAP
Spam ProtectionYesSpam ProtectionYes
Calendar and ContactsYesCalendar and ContactsYes
Auto RespondersYesAuto RespondersYes
Catch-all emailYesCatch-all emailYes
Active Sync Mobile MailNoActive Sync Mobile MailYes
Secure LoginYesSecure LoginYes
Encrypted Mail TransferYesEncrypted Mail TransferYes
Virus and Spam ProtectionNoVirus and Spam ProtectionYes
Junk Mail ProtectionNoJunk Mail ProtectionYes
Mailbox RulesNoMailbox RulesYes
Recover Deleted ItemsNoRecover Deleted ItemsYes
Theme SelectionYesTheme SelectionYes

Domain Packages